Nextera presenting at the 6th Annual Cell Engager Summit, Boston 23rd of May 2024

May 14, 2024 | Meet us, News

Harnessing the power of T cell immunity in the form of biologics holds tremendous potential in cancer immunotherapy. A new area of engineered guiding to pHLA with precision specificity and sensitivity beyond that of the natural T cell in the form of T cell engagers unlocks an untapped vast source of differentiated and potentially disease-specific drug targets in an accessible and affordable modality.

The Nextera team are thrilled to join the 6th Annual Cell Engager Summit in Boston May 21 – 23, 2024 showcasing how our differentiated NextCore platform has the capacity to develop unique preclinical stage T cell engagers guided by rare, ultrasensitive TCR-Like antibodies towards pHLA class I with picomolar cancer killing potency of liquid and solid cancer in our CEO/CSO Geir Åge Løset presentation “Empowering antibodies to target pHLA through NextCore TCR-Like antibodies”.