About us

About as at nextera, where you can see a female worker comparing two fluids in a glass

About us

Nextera is spun out from a world class Centre of Excellence research environment at the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital.

A profound insight into the complex disease mechanisms of cancer and autoimmunity combined with unique technology innovation led to the development of our unique discovery platform: NextCore.

Opening a new arena for drug discovery

Strategy & Business Model

Our strategy is to discover new targets and develop cognate drugs together with partners. We want to address complex diseases and jointly develop therapies in major indications that today seem difficult to treat.

It all starts and ends with the patient – focused onto diseased tissue and the underlying immune repertoires, Nextera brings the unique ability to decipher clinical material with the outlook of subsequent intervention.

Nextera scientist

Nextera believes that strong science combined with shared vision applied in the right context is the key to unleash tomorrow’s drug development. Our partners will embrace this view with a clear understanding of the commitment and dedication it will require to take the necessary steps to successfully develop the products for the benefit of the patients.

Enabling medicines of tomorrow through precision interception