Empowering Antibodies

to target pHLA

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By building on our deep knowledge in tailored protein engineering focused through our unique NextCore platform technology, we open a path towards disease-specific understanding and therapies in cancer, autoimmunity and inflammatory diseases.

The company is accelerating a pipeline of TCR-Like antibody lead candidates with exquisite specificity and unique potency towards disease-specific pHLA targets addressing the unmet demand for safe and improved targeted immunotherapy.

Our approach is to attack or modulate the disease at the core of the problem -the adaptive immune receptor (AIR) synapse- translating to targeted disease-specific treatment without compromising the patient’s health.

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The NextCore Platform

NextCore – An integrated platform to develop novel precision drug candidates targeting the intracellular universe of disease antigens through pHLA. The core of the platform is our unique and differentiated pIX phage display technology.

The Nextera Team

The Nextera team