Nextera is presenting poster on State-of-the-Art TCR optimization for improved redirected cell therapy at PEGS Europe 2023

Nov 13, 2023 | Meet us, News

CAR-based adoptive cell therapy (ACT) has shown a remarkable ability to treat and occasionally cure cancer by evoking or grafting an anti-cancer immune response into patients with hematological malignancies but has yet to show similar efficacy in solid tumors. In contrast, clinical observations with T cell receptor (TCR) ACT indicates promising progress also on solid tumors but are limited in efficacy and safety by their inherent polyspecificity combined with potency thresholds. TCR refinement through engineering offers a solution to overcome this limitation.

By combining the strengths of our NextCore pIX phage display platform with a novel cell display system, we have established a robust and scalable TCR engineering pipeline termed NextCore-TCR designed to optimize TCRs which offers a predictable route to improved and safe TCR redirected cell therapy with potency and specificity beyond native TCRs.

Visit our poster “Enhancing redirected TCR immunotherapy through optimized TCRs” at PEGS Europe 2023 to learn more from our Group Lead Molecular Biology Sebastian Berge-Seidl in Lisbon, Portugal 14 – 16 November.